About Us

Hello and welcome to the official website of the Northern California Regional Public Safety Training College (NCRPSTC). Our hope is that this site will provide the answers you may have about the services we provide for public safety organizations committed to providing professional training for its personnel.

Our member agencies are: The Los Rios Community College District, The Sacramento Police Department, The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, The California Fire & Rescue Training Authority, A Joint Powers Authority consisting of: Sacramento City Fire Department, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, Governors Office of Emergency Services

Formation of the JPA

Prior to September 11, 2001, the public safety agencies (fire service and law enforcement) in the greater Sacramento Region had developed and implemented a strategic plan for a highly flexible interagency training platform for emergency responders by consolidating training resources at a former military base (former McClellan AFB now known as McClellan Park) along with a local college institution.

This logical evolution of public safety interagency consolidation with education was formalized under a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), the Northern California Regional Public Safety College, and encompassed the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, City of Sacramento Police Department, City of Sacramento Fire Department, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, and the Los Rios Community College District.

PROPOSAL – Project HomeSTAR at McClellan Park, 3 Easy Steps to Creating the “Center of Excellence.” It is proposed that development of the existing “interagency” JPA campus be accelerated and expanded under the designation of a national “Center of Excellence” known as Project HomeSTAR for tactical response and exercising for domestic preparedness serving the Western United States and the Pacific Rim. The JPA, which currently trains law enforcement, fire, and urban search and rescue and other first responders throughout California, would eventually serve emergency responders from local, regional, state and federal agencies as well as Pacific Rim nations.

JPA Collaborations and Emergency Response Services JPA member agencies currently provide national disaster response with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), and the Urban Search and Rescue Team Task Force #7 (USAR TF#7) which has responded nationally to Oklahoma City and New York City. The JPA also developed and established a national role for urban area public safety working groups with the first UASI grant.