ICI Program

The Northern California Regional Public Safety Training Authority is proud to be a presenter of the POST ICI Program.

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This Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) Core Course is the prerequisite for all subsequent ICI Foundation Specialty Courses within this program. The core course is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the individual criminal investigators skills in performing the multi-disciplined, multi-leveled tasks necessary to successfully conduct comprehensive criminal investigations. Instruction in this course is provided through a coordinated, experience-based adult learning approach which addresses crime scene management, interviewing and interrogation skills, search and seizure issues, search warrant preparation, surveillance techniques, case reporting, informant management, media relations, case reporting and courtroom testimony. Students will engage in practical application exercises throughout this course and be required to satisfactorily complete case work and a search warrant.



This Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) Sexual Assault Course provides investigators with the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to collaboratively, effectively, and objectively conduct investigations unique to sexual assault. This course provides instruction in the ethical challenges specific to sexual assault investigations, types of information that can be recovered using computer forensics, and the SART model. Students will be provided with training on decision making, and flexibility while handling multiple cases as additional information is received and prioritized.

By understanding sexual assault victim dynamics and the common challenges faced by victims in reporting to law enforcement, investigators will be better equipped to cater their investigation with victim issues in mind, thus enhancing the likelihood of victim participation. This training will also provide sexual assault investigators an opportunity to discover the ways in which these types of investigations may impact their professional and personal lives and then assist them in exploring ways to prevent negative impact through healthy coping mechanisms.



This Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) Homicide Course provides investigators with the information and skills to aid them in a proficient homicide investigation. This course is designed for detectives who investigate homicides and is modeled in adult based learning. Each block of instruction will include hands on activities which require active participation from the class, or small group collaboration. Students/investigators in this class are required to investigate a fictitious homicide which will involve them in collecting/packaging evidence at the crime scene, following up on information provided to them, preparing a search warrant(s) and presenting their case to a panel of legal experts. Students are also required to attend a site visit / tour of a crime lab and coroner’s office; and participate in an outdoor crime scene practical in which they learn methods for determining a potential burial site, how to excavate a body and how to collect insect evidence.

This course includes instruction in: the mindset shift; crime scene and case management; role of the criminalist; forensic pathology and deontology; homicide law and case preparation; forensic entomology and anthropology; homicide interviews and interrogations; child death investigations; elder death investigations; arson and terrorist investigations; officer-involved shootings; electronic investigations; investigative resources (including gang murders); media relations; interaction with the victim’s family; and investigator wellness.



This Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) Officer Involved Shooting Course is designed for experienced detectives, this scenario based training course will focus on critical incidents, including: officer-involved shootings; use of force incidents; and in-custody deaths. Participants will be assigned to an investigative team, respond to a different use of force incident scene, and conduct an investigation into the scenario incident. Investigation techniques will include crime scene management and documentation, conducting interviews, and evidence collection. A participant presentation to a panel of experts will culminate this training. Topics covered throughout this course include understanding stakeholders, lawful and unlawful force, physiological and psychological changes, administrative investigations, legal considerations and courtroom testimony, crime scene reconstruction, video forensics, taser incidents, excited delirium related deaths and contemporary critical incident case studies.



This Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) Child Abuse Course provides investigators with an enhanced understanding of crimes committed against children, including physical abuse, neglect, drug endangered children, and sexual exploitation. This course provides instruction in proper investigative techniques, forensics, child abuse law, collection and handling of evidence, and suspect interrogation/victim interviews. The student/investigator will be provided with a scenario at the beginning of the course, and conduct a simulated investigation throughout the week. The student, working in a small group, will be required to provide an investigative overview (formal presentation) of their case to the class on the final day of training.