JPA Range

Shooting Range

The JPA Small Arms Firing Range (SAFR) complex is a 10 acre, closed facility. NCRPSTA-JPA SAFR IS “RESTRICTED” TO LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY.

Shoot House

The Shoot House is a 2300 square foot structure covered, open air facility. The range provides a controlled, 360 degree shooting environment for special teams training. The range is limited to non toxic frangible ammunition or paint marking ammunition.


Range #1 is a 25 yard, partially enclosed shooting range with 18 target lanes. The range is rated for all handguns, shotguns and rifles up to .308 caliber (Green tip/steel core ammunition, armor piercing ammunition and incendiary ammunition). This range has a drivable concrete surface.


Range #2 is a 25 yard long, 45 foot wide. RESTRICTED to SHOTGUNS only. Will accommodate 8 shooters on line safety. Drivable asphalt surface.


50 tactical range, 20-25 firing lanes. Drivable gravel surgace. Range is rated for all handguns. Shotguns and rifles up to .308 caliber.

Building #712

Building #712 is a meeting area with seating for about 30. This area is available free of charge with the rental of any of our ranges, on a first come-first serve basis.

Safety Rules and Regulations are posted in various locations at the site. Everyone entering the range or shoot must wear ear and eye protection.

Range Availability

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